Tyre & Wheel Services

Tyre & Wheel Services

Porsche Centre Parramatta offers a comprehensive range of tyre and wheel services, competitively priced and designed to help you get the most from your Porsche.


It's the tyres that transfer the exceptional power of Porsche vehicles to the road, providing the only connection between your Porsche and the surface below. Although the area of contact is only about the size of a postcard, it is subject to an array of rigorous demands: maximum traction, highest possible mileage, even wear, a short braking distance, high cornering stability, low noise levels, low fuel consumption and an attractive profile. In collaboration with selected partners from the tyre industry, Porsche strives to continually achieve the best results. 

Our Service Team will be happy to advise you on the right choice of tyres to suit your Porsche.

  • We ensure that only the correct N-Rated tyres are fitted to your Porsche
  • We utilise Porsche Approved tyre fitting and balancing equipment to protect your Porsche’s wheels and ensure accurate fitment
  • We offer a full four-wheel alignment to optimise handling, performance and tyre wear


Wheel Balance

A correctly balanced wheel and tyre combination will assist your Porsche in achieving a smooth ride, steering control, good traction and long tyre life. Driving a vehicle with wheels and tyres that are out of balance places abnormal stresses on suspension and steering components and the entire wheel assembly, potentially resulting in unsafe steering and handling.

Porsche Centre Parramatta will balance your wheel and tyre assemblies with every tyre replacement to ensure the highest level of safety, performance and durability of your new tyres.

Optional Road Force Balance

In addition to the standard wheel balance, Porsche Centre Parramatta is pleased to offer our customers the option of the Road Force Balance service.
The Road Force Balance simulates the tyre being driven on the road, by applying up to 600kg load to the tyre through an advanced roller mechanism. The machine is able to detect not only any non-balance but also any radial force related issues such as

  • Tyre uniformity
  • Tyre and Rim runout
  • Wheel-to-balancer mounting error
  • Improper bead seating of tyre to rim.

Our Road Force Wheel Balance can solve wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancers are unable to fix. Ask your Service Advisor for more information.

Wheel Alignment

There are many factors that can contribute to a deterioration of your Porsche’s Wheel Alignment. Taking a speed hump a little too fast, encountering potholes in the road or bumping the kerb can be enough to knock your wheel alignment out of specification. This can have an adverse effect on the handling, performance and safety of your Porsche and contribute to excessive and potentially costly premature wear on tyres and suspension components if left unaddressed.
Your Porsche requires the correct and precise checking and adjustment of up to 10 separate steering and suspension geometry settings to meet Porsche's wheel alignment specifications. These geometry settings, for both front and rear axles, include the following:

  • Toe
  • Camber
  • Caster
  • Ride height
  • Tyre pressures
Correct and precise measurement and adjustment of your vehicle’s Wheel Alignment will assist with the following:
  • Enhanced vehicle handling and stability, leading to a more enjoyable and safer driving experience.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Extended tyre life.
  • Lower vehicle operating costs.
How often should a Wheel Alignment be performed?
Porsche Centre Parramatta recommends a Wheel Alignment be performed annually or in the event that your Porsche sustains a significant impact to the wheels (such as striking a pothole or the kerb). We also strongly recommend that a Wheel Alignment be performed whenever new tyres are fitted to the vehicle.
Whether you own a classic or modern Porsche, drive on the road or the track, correct and precise Wheel Alignment to suit your exact application is paramount in order for you to get the best from your Porsche.

A correct and precise Wheel Alignment can be performed in conjunction with your next annual service or as a standalone job.
Do not trust a Wheel Alignment of your Porsche to anyone but the experts.
For more information on our Tyre and Wheel Services, please contact the Porsche Centre Parramatta Service Team on 02 9933 8928, or email [email protected]

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